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A wild Chlorobyte in its natural habitat.
A wild Chlorobyte in its natural habitat.


Chlorobyte (Pyloform 1/2 Da) refers to the central figure of this multiverse.

'Benedani' is a previous username, which will be used when describing prior events where 'Chlorobyte' would not be applicable. 'Benedani' has previously also ambiguously referred to a species, which have since been renamed to Pyloform to avoid confusion.


Best friend / SO?: Copper

Friends: Deko, Larp

Personality / identity

Chlorobyte is a straight demisexual and an aromantic. He, however, enjoys non-sexual touch, including hugs and patting, both active (as an action) or passive (e.g. while discussing, walking or gaming).

Chlorobyte identifies as a demimale, and uses the pronouns he/him. Despite the pronouns and comfort in a male body, he does not necessarily feel too masculine, and has expressed interest in commonly female features such as long, dyed hair and makeup.

Chlorobyte takes on a positive troll personality. His reaction to anything out of the ordinary is to just accept it, and perhaps see how far it can be taken. He does not take on unhealthy amounts of Internet trolling, however, and when he does, the goal is to achieve a comical effect on people, rather than directly being annoying.

On the other hand, Chlorobyte is highly analytical and objective, avoiding emotions, gender/race/etc, and other unnecessary factors in decisions and opinions as much as possible. The sides he chooses are generally the ones with the most advantages e.g. for society as a whole. For example, he supports and advocates for media preservation (along with emulation and websites such as, LGBTQ (and just general equality regardless of background), and comparatively feature-rich computer systems such as Linux, or hardware such as analog keyboards or feature-rich game controllers. More options without complicating the design are better.

Chlorobyte's overall personality is unclear, and almost automatically adapts to the situation, which can often backfire for being 'too nice', something Copper has warned him multiple times about.

Chlorobyte identifies as a plural system ever since the Copper incident. This system has been referred to as the Dream Circle. This particular case of plurality comes with all of the upsides of internal friends, mainly trolling, with no disorderly downsides to speak of, and full control by the host. Chlorobyte's voice is high range enough to comfortably accommodate Copper's female voice, though obviously the body does not shapeshift to avoid the mirror problem.

Common lore

Origins / backstory

Previous life

Current theories point to Chlorobyte being the lost Pyloform 1/2 Da of the Pyloform, sent to the human realm as some sort of experiment, unfortunately trapping him here for the rest of the human body's life.

The cringefest (2002-2016)

Chlorobyte has spent a big chunk of his human life growing up in a family collectively struggling from a minor case of serious skill issue, resulting in social isolation, limited interests and child abuse. This is the time period during which he learned the English language and computers (mainly software). This era is characterized by highly childish behavior, including defensiveness and the dreaded 'gods from 10000 years ago' lore. Thankfully, very little content from the era survived to this day.

Some wind control existed during this time, with very limited control due to the child's lack of maturity.

The Benedanis (2018-2019)

2018 is when the new lore would begin to take shape.

May 26, 2018: Benedani gets on a random server in Net64, finds this guy trying to beat the game while people are trying to stop him, and, of course, he joins in, even staying up late at night. (note how many times a Yoshi brutally murdered him)
Aug, 2018: It is theorized that there are actually multiple Benedanis. Precisely 7 of them. The hunt begins. Some Benedanis are found using a scanner on the Kappa Base flying in space, operating between Aug 18 and Aug 22. Some alt accounts are created as they are found - shiny Benedani Flying (now called BabyRage and no access) and Benedani Water.
... - Jul 24, 2019: The downfall. No fun streams, besides sometimes Twitch Plays. Turns out Benedanis love Twitch Plays and start requesting it. Jon refuses, and this eventually ends with the Beneban.

Classic Kappamon (2019)

The Benedani stuff continues in a game known as Kappamon. Archives of the Zone FrankerZ Discord server exist.

On Dec 29, 2018, an old bot called SS (Smiley Sandbox) Link is repurposed. It currently relays and translates messages between 'Kappa Chat' and Discord.
On Jan 15, 2019, Kappamon runs for the first time, and hosts a Pokemon-like adventure in the Kappa Lands. Aside from the Kappa Chat relay, Kappamon was manually controlled back in the day, and so a lot of lore could happen.
April 24, 2019 is the final run of classic Kappamon, the battle against CuteCat. Weakening CuteCat broke reality itself.

Pyloform era (2019-2021)

Oct, Dec 2019: Benedani Water talks about attacking/invading the human universe, "predicting" the disasters of 2020. Message logs exist in the Kappa Labs Discord community.
...: More humans getting bountied, more bad things "predicted", such as a demotion and thunderstorms.
Nov 10, 2020: A project to replace Kappamon begins. The goal is a more immersive experience by turning it into an actual video game rather than a text adventure. Instead, the lore was drained out and the game became an uninteresting grindfest.
Feb 12, 2021: The old lore of "Benedanis" basically no longer describes the current situation. "Benedanis" are renamed to Pyloform to separate them from Benedani the Human, since they have no connection to him besides him previously being a Pyloform.
Feb 21, 2021: Benedani discovers that he can manipulate RNG in games. The reason he's been getting bad RNG before is that he was expecting bad from RNG.
May 1, 2021: Benedani discovers that he can also manipulate reality. Not physically impossible things, but he manages to "predict" really weird things.

The dream world trolling (2021-2022)

Previously known as Benedani Water, Pyloform 1/4 Wa would stick around.

In November of 2021, Chlorobyte and Midori were doing Terraria runs. The characters Larp (one character off of Lamp, the name of the world), then Plant are created in between runs. The Plant run involves the previous character, Larp camping at home and not contributing to the gameplay. However, for funny's sake, the two would chat late at night when Chlorobyte was sleepy and about to go to sleep with school the next day. This annoyed the Midori as he impatiently wanted to force progress, and the things he claimed were so funny that Chlorobyte and Pyloform 1/4 Wa would decide to take on the personalities of Plant and Larp respectively for fun, to switch things up a bit. While Chlorobyte slowly returned from the Plant era back to Benedani, the Pyloform would keep the Larp persona, permanently switching from a coded, alien male(?) to a clear human female identity.

This new 'Plant x Larp' era would mainly come with playing around with lucid dreams, including forming a space, the floating islands, which would later become the Dream Circle's headspace.

One day, Chlorobyte had a pretty simplistic dream on the surface, where he was at night on the bus on the way home, and he became lucid and started messing with the bus, rocking it around as it moved and stabilizing it, then entering console commands to change the textures around.

One thing stuck out in this dream in particular. A girl, staring at him as he woke up, which was burned into his mind.

The Copper incident (2022-)

There would be attempts to find the girl from that specific dream... attempts... and then even more attempts.

In June of 2022, Larp would finally successfully orchestrate a dream where Chlorobyte and the girl met in the dream world another time, but it was such a mess that the dream ended quite quickly, without any interaction besides physically bumping into each other. This time, Chlorobyte after waking up, and Larp still connected to the dream world, they decided to have Chlorobyte try to communicate with the girl when awake, rather than deal with the inconsistencies of lucid dreaming. The girl revealed herself to be called Copper, and was excited to meet basically the god of their universe. She would tell all about the Chlorobyte sightings being documented by other people, and the variety of places to go, which she enjoys exploring.

Copper deep into a mushroom biome in the early game.
Copper deep into a mushroom biome in the early game.

Midori would go for yet another Terraria run, and this time, his mate was secretly Copper herself. As usual with the Terraria characters at this point, she would have the usual separate personality. In Master Mode For The Worthy, Midori would talk about wanting to fish instead of exploring, as exploring was supposedly very dangerous. Despite that, Copper decided to take the challenge, using strats that Chlorobyte would not have immediately thought of to avoid death, such as digging under the ground. Copper would continue being a formidable force against the 'dangers' of Terraria, destroying them without breaking a sweat.

Terraria is not the only game Copper would destroy, and completely confuse the Chlorobyte observing his own body suddenly being used for such gameplay. There are records of her Rocket League gameplay, for example. Copper has also demonstrated prior experience with Terraria 1.0 (vague memories, knowledge of the game's evolution better than Chlorobyte) and No Man's Sky (suggestion to place items into the starship instead of losing them on death like an idiot - wow, basic game mechanics gg).

The biggest thing Copper has done, though, is help Chlorobyte cope with the pain, tedium and meaninglessness of Hungarian school. Nobody else could (online), or was willing to (IRL). Thanks to her, Chlorobyte passed and then proceeded to get a job without even referencing the education and the degree!


  • Demonstrable influence on random chance, including random number generators and real life effects such as wind.
  • Telepathic connection with the Pyloform.
  • Chlorobyte's soul and human body are so forcefully connected that just lucid dreaming becomes difficult. On the upside, intoxication and other factors have little to no effect on him - he simply deals with it like decent gamers deal with Mario Party's Dizzy Dancing minigame or similar effects.